Cake Flavors

French Vanilla
Traditional Chocolate
Chocolate Coffee Sensation
Strawberry Supreme
Lucious Lemon
Winter White
Mother's Carrot Cake
Red Velvet
Golden Yellow
Orange Dream
Autumn Spice
Peanut Butter

Filling Flavors

Bavarian Cream

Our Favorite Combinations

Gone Bananas
Our popular French vanilla cake with a banana cream filling – Yum!

Peach Delight
Layers of French vanilla cake with a refreshing peach filling

Peanut Butter Lovers
Peanut butter cake with chocolate ganache filling – one of our favorites!

In The Pink
Pink champagne cake with Bavarian cream filling - this cake calls for a celebration!

Southern Charmer
Delicious red velvet cake with a cream cheese filling

Traditional chocolate cake with red raspberry filling – you’ll be asking for another slice!

Our light and refreshing lemon cake with a lemon or raspberry filling

Tropical Getaway
You’ll feel like you’re on the beach with our wonderful orange cake and pineapple filling!

Feels Like Fall
The taste of our spice cake with apple or cream cheese filling will make you long for this cake all year ‘round

Classic Wedding
Light French vanilla cake pairs wonderfully with Bavarian cream filling

Chocolate Lovers
Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling – a chocolate lovers dream!

Spring Fling
Tender carrot cake including pineapple, raisins, and walnuts (or not) with cream cheese filling

So Good
Almond flavored cake with chocolate Bavarian cream filling - it’s so good!

Chocolate Amaretto cake with Bavarian cream or red raspberry filing - the name says it all!

A Favorite
Who can resist a carmel cake with cream cheese or Bavarian cream filling?

Island Time
Traditional yellow cake with a guava filling - one taste and you’ll be on island time!

Sweet Summertime
Layers of French vanilla cake with a strawberry filling – it’s summertime on a plate!

For the Love of Strawberries
Our heavenly strawberry cake with strawberry filling

Clear Blue
Delicious French vanilla cake with a yummy blueberry filling

Chocolate Chocolate Chip
Chocolate chips are added to our moist chocolate cake for an even more intense chocolate taste; pairs well with chocolate or vanilla Bavarian Cream

Cool White
White cake with vanilla, butter and nut flavorings and Bavarian Cream filling

Coconut Lovers
Tender coconut cake with Bavarian cream filling; a holiday favorite!

The Twist
Combination of traditional yellow cake with a swirl of chocolate; pairs well with chocolate Bavarian cream filling